The TNIUS has a collection of printed books over 5,799 volumes. The collection of books are particularly rich in the areas of Financial Management (Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Cost Accounting, Taxation, Project Management, Computerised Accounting and Budget) Municipal Finance (Local Finance, Property Tax, Profession Tax, Water Tax, Fiver Year Plans and Census Report), Public Administration (Indian Administration, Personnel Administration, Urban Administration, Urban Renewal, Urban Development Policy, and E-Governance), Women Studies (Women Empowerment, Women and Politics, Women and Education, Women and Health, Gender Issues, Gender Governance, Gender Budget, Women Entrepreneurs, Women Welfare and Development), Urban Planning and Engineering (Urban Infrastructure and Management, Water Supply Planning and Management, Sewerage Planning, Transport Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Solid Waste Management, Disaster Management, Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System), Community Development (Urban Community and Development, Social Welfare and Policies, Urban Poverty, Urban slum development and Housing, Child Welfare and Policies and Urban Health and Sanitation), Reports (India Development Report, Slum Development Report, Human Development Report and Census Report), Manuals, Acts and Rules of Tamil Nadu (Manual of Urban Local Bodies, Municipalities and Corporations Acts and Rules and Acts and Rules of Establishments) and General (Dictionaries, Directories, Encyclopedia, Tamil Literature, English Literature and Fiction).
Tamil Nadu Institute of Urban Studies is having a fully equipped library and additional books are being purchased during every financial year. The books are shortlisted by the Director, Faculty Members, Students and Research Scholars of TNIUS during the book exhibition when organized at TNIUS. The books are being purchased through the books purchase committee which has been formed by the Management Committee in the 39th Management Committee Meeting on 22.01.2010 in its resolution No.4. The members of books purchasing Committee for Library are:
  1. The Commissioner of Municipal Administration, Ezhilagam, Chennai
  2. The Director of Town Panchayats, Kurazhagam, Chennai
  3. The Director, Tamil Nadu Institute of Urban Studies, Coimbatore.
The users can search their books through the different options, such as by author's name, book title, subject, department etc. through this a user can renew the borrowed books as well as reserve the particular book online.
Users may suggest books or reports that would be useful for the TNIUS library through the Books Suggestion Form.
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