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The TNIUS library, with an aim of providing "Anytime, Anywhere Access", subscribes to some of the best e-resources and online databases and systematically adds resources to its existing collection. The library has acquired over 3 databases to cater to the different needs of our users and these databases are available throughout the campus. Depending on license agreements and copyright restrictions, the databases are not accessible from outside the campus.
The Complete World Development Report 1978-2009 - The World Bank's World Development Report, published annually since 1978, is an invaluable guide to the economic, social, and environmental state of the world today. Each report provides in-depth analysis and policy recommendations on a specific and important aspect of development-from agriculture, the role of the state, transition economies, and labor to infrastructure, health, the environment, and poverty.
The Complete World Development Report. This reference tool allows users to quickly and easily search both within and across reports as well as to browse reports by title or topic. Additionally, through the up-to-date database derived from World Development Indicators, users can access up to 30 years of statistical data for 50 development indicators for 210 countries and 18 country groups.
World Development Indicators (WDI) 2009 - The WDI time series database gives direct access to more than 800 development indicators, with time series for 209 countries and 18 country groups from 1960 to 2008. The WDI gives country tables and country profiles with 55 development indicators from the Little Data Book for World Bank member countries and other economies with populations over 30,000. It also provides population projections from 2005 to 2050.
Global Development Finance (GDF) 2009 - Review, Analysis and Outlook is the World Bank's annual review of recent trends in and prospects for financial flows to developing countries. Summary and Country Tables includes a comprehensive set of tables with statistical data for 128 countries that report debt under the World Bank Debtor Reporting System, as well as summary data for regions and income groups. It contains data on total external debt stocks and flows, aggregates, and key debt ratios, and provides a detailed, country-by-country picture of debt.
  1. The searching is very fast and easy.
  2. Complete data on the external debt and international capital flows of developing countries.
  3. Country group aggregates data and summary tables from 1970 to 2007, with estimates for 2008.
  4. Country times series from 1970 to 2007, plus 'pipeline' projections from 2008 for 128 Word Bank borrowers.
Users may suggest to subscribe online or offline databases in the urban areas to the library through the Data Bases Suggestion From.
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